Less Than A Week's Notice: How To Pack And Move In A Time Crunch

In an ideal world, you would find out you're moving to a new town months ahead of time, giving you plenty of time to prepare and plan. But this world is far from ideal -- and sometimes, the notice that you're moving only comes a week or so in advance. How ever will you pack everything up and relocate on such short notice? The first step is to sit back, take a deep breath, and realize that plenty of other people have done this. You can, too... if you follow the tips below.

Call around to local moving companies.

Moving companies usually book their clients a lot more than a week out, but it does not hurt to make a few calls. One may have had a cancellation or reschedule, allowing them to squeeze you in. Remember that not all moving companies advertise online. Look for some in the local phone books and through friends, too. If you find a moving company that is not as well advertised, they may have greater availability. Knowing someone else can pack all of your things and transport them to your new city will give you a huge sense of relief.

Post on social media.

There's no faster way to let everyone in your social circle know you're moving than to post on social media. Make sure your post makes it clear that you just found out about the move and are in a real time crunch. Friends may come out of the woodwork to help you. Make sure you have a list of necessary tasks on hand so that when someone offers to help, you can point them towards something that needs to be done. This can be anything from driving around town to collect moving boxes, to searching for the best utility companies to contract with in your new town.

Don't worry about sorting through your things.

Moving is a great time to purge your collections... but only if you have time to do so. Leave the sorting, donating, and selling of unneeded items until after you are settled in. For now, just pack it all up and get it to your new place in good shape. (Make an exception for garbage. If you come across definite trash when packing, throw it away.)

Be willing to buy supplies.

While you may be able to accumulate enough boxes if you spend a day or two driving around to local businesses, you should be prepared to pay for moving supplies when you have to move last-minute. For the amount of money you spend, you will save countless hours of box hunting and driving. You can use those hours for other more important moving-related tasks.

Make a game plan.

You only have a few days to move, so you need to maximize your time. Sit down with a big sheet of paper, and write the name of each day you have left down on the sheet. Then, start writing tasks in under each day. Try to split the work up into manageable potions so you don't have too much to do on any one day. If it's looking like there is no way to accomplish everything yourself, then you'll need to find some more helpers.

Hire helpers if needed.

If your friends do not volunteer to help and you're really struggling to get things done, see if any moving companies in your area offer per-hour services. They may be able to send a few people just to help you pack for half a day or just to load your moving truck. You can also search on online advertising sites for individuals who are willing to offer these services.

With the tips above, you can and will orchestrate a move in just a few days. Reach out to moving companies for more tips on getting your move taken care of quickly.