Share A Storage Unit - Rental Details And Organizational Approaches

Racking systems, color-coordinated packaging materials, and labels can help you set up a self-storage unit that will be used to store possessions for you and another person. Use the steps below to acquire a unit and prepare the contents that will be placed inside of it.

A Shared Space

One person will be responsible for securing a self-storage unit through a storage facility. If you and the other person who will be storing items inside of the unit will both be frequenting the storage space at scheduled times, you and the other party should both sign a rental agreement that the storage facility requires.

Reasons for sharing a space could be dependent on limited finances or the fact that you and the other individual do not own enough belongings that will necessitate renting two separate units. Roommates, married couples, and a parent and their children can benefit from sharing a self-storage unit.

Your rental agreement will outline how much money will need to be paid to retain the rental space. You and the other individual who will be using the storage unit can split the cost of the unit right down the middle.

Organizational Materials

Racking systems, colored plastic containers or corrugated boxes, and labels will aid with keeping the shared storage space neat and orderly. The use of these items will prevent your possessions from getting mixed up with the possessions that belong to the person who you will be sharing the rental unit with.

Purchase metal racks that are sturdy. A racking system may be designed to be set up on a floor. If so, you can assemble the rack after you have transported the rack kit to your storage unit. Designate one or more racks for you and the other person who will be sharing the storage space.

Containers And Boxes

Assign one color of plastic containers or corrugated cardboard boxes for you and for the other individual. Pack all of the containers in advance. Place labels on them. If you will be using your own vehicle to transport items to the storage facility, load each trunk load of containers or boxes into the back of the storage unit first.

Keep items neatly stacked. Place small items on the shelving units. Create an aisle between stacks of boxes. Prepare an itemized list that highlights the number of containers that you and the other individual have placed inside the storage unit.

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