Be Ready To Organize A Storage Unit With The Right Questions

When you ask the right questions as you begin contacting storage facilities, it's simple to feel confident about the size of the storage unit you choose and how easy will be to take care of. Before getting serious about choosing just any storage facility or a specific storage unit, it's best to see what you can do to keep your items safe and organized in your unit. Check If Shelving Is Included

5 Ways To Perform Spring Cleaning On Your Storage Unit

Most people know that spring and early summer are great times to clean the house. But did you know that it's also a good time to clean your storage unit? If you haven't done so lately, here are a few spring cleaning tasks any storage renter can do today. 1. Sweep and Dust. Items put into long-term storage will eventually gather dust and debris. And along with normal dust buildup on floors, the storage unit has also experienced mud and dirt being tracked in during winter use.