5 Ways To Perform Spring Cleaning On Your Storage Unit

Most people know that spring and early summer are great times to clean the house. But did you know that it's also a good time to clean your storage unit? If you haven't done so lately, here are a few spring cleaning tasks any storage renter can do today.

1. Sweep and Dust. Items put into long-term storage will eventually gather dust and debris. And along with normal dust buildup on floors, the storage unit has also experienced mud and dirt being tracked in during winter use. This is a good time to get out your broom, a dustpan, and a rag to do a little light cleaning. Cleanup not only ensures that your stored goods aren't being negatively affected but also gives you a chance to spot pests and problems. 

2. Purge Some Items. You originally had a reason to keep everything you put into storage. But over time, your feelings about stored items might have changed. You may have discovered, for instance, that you really didn't miss your old trombone and are unlikely to actually take it up again. Spend a few minutes assessing what's obvious and accessible in the unit to see if you might get rid of something at this time. Staying on top of things helps make the best use of storage space. 

3. Rotate Stored Goods. Since you're getting into the storage unit anyway, this is a good time to rotate things in or out. Take out the summer sports and recreation items and rotate in the winter sports equipment. Or replace that old trombone with your child's hand-me-down clothing that is waiting for the next user.

4. Move Bins and Containers. Check on the condition of storage bins and boxes to see how they're holding up. Over time, flimsier products like cardboard boxes or plastic lids can buckle and shift under pressure. Look for signs of trouble, and move these containers to a safer space. You might even rotate them with others so everything is evenly weighted. 

5. Reorganize the Space. Feeling more ambitious? Spring cleaning is the perfect chance to reconsider how you've organized things. You might opt to bring in some shelves and store smaller items more safely. Your labeling system might warrant some improvement. Or, consider creating and inventory of what you have or switching to strong, clear bins for a better view. Any storage space can usually use improvement to make the best use of it. 

Which of these simple spring cleaning steps could you take? Whether you have a lot of time or just a little, attending to your storage unit will protect your stuff and your investment. Learn more by talking with a storage company like Carolina Self Storage in your area today.