Two Things You Need To Prepare For When Moving Over A Holiday Weekend

It's not always possible to move at the most optimal time of the year. Sometimes the only opening in your schedule available is during a holiday weekend. Here are two issues you'll definitely run into when trying to relocate during this time and what you can do to best deal with them.

Higher Expenses

Holiday weekends are the tourist traps of everyday life. Things that are normally fairly inexpensive become more costly because of the sudden increase in demand, and moving expenses are not immune. Weekends in general tend to be busy times for moving companies, but throw in a holiday and it's guaranteed you'll pay more for truck rentals, supplies, and movers. In fact, if you wait too long, it may be impossible to hire assistance because everyone will be booked.

One way around this is to reserve your spot with a moving company as far in advance as possible. The rate you're charged will still be higher than normal, but the closer it gets to the holiday the more expensive it'll be. Be sure to get any quotes or estimates in writing and try to get the company to make the quote valid for as long as possible (e.g. 30 days). This way, you'll still get the same price if you book the company later rather than the day you received the estimate.

The same goes for hotels and car rentals. If you need a place to stay during your move or require an extra vehicle, it's best to book those items far in advance. Use discount travel sites to search for and secure the lowest price available.

Treacherous Roads

Another problem that will crop up on your holiday weekend move is traffic will likely be horrendous as people will be trying to get to their planned events and meet ups. This can affect your move in a couple of ways. First, traveling to your destination will take longer than normal because of the increased number of drivers on the road. Second, some movers charge travel fees—a fee for the amount of time it takes to get to your home from their offices—and you may be charged a higher amount because of longer travel times.

Getting around this problem requires some planning. It's best to move when people are less likely to be on the roads. However, the times will vary depending on the holiday. Traffic is more likely to be busy in the evenings on the Fourth of July because people will be trying to get to areas to see the fireworks, but it'll be busy during the day on Memorial Day weekend with people trying to get to barbecues and parties. Moving early in the morning on these days may be your best bet. It's also a good idea to use a route planning app to help you avoid the busier streets.

For more tips on moving during a holiday weekend or to schedule a move, contact a local moving company.