Tips For Using A Packing Service

The work of a move can be lightened considerably by taking advantage of a packing service. They will handle the details of packing your belongings, and even better, they have the skills and tools to ensure everything is packed safely so they survive the move unscathed. The following tips can help you prepare for the arrival of your professional packers:

Tip #1: Declutter in advance

Professional packers will literally pack everything, which can be both a good and a bad thing. You don't want to pay to move items you don't want. Make sure garbage is emptied out and do a complete declutter before your packers arrive. The most important places to sort through are the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom closets. Toss out or combine partially filled packages of food or other items, get rid of items that are broken or that you no longer want, and set aside items you may still need to use during the move. A packer's job is not to determine what items the client wants to keep but to simply pack everything safely.

Tip #2: Make arrangements for special items

You may have some special items in your home they require more exacting treatment. Examples of such items include pianos, glass light fixtures, or grandfather clocks. Some packing services will have trained staff members that can pack these items properly, while others will contract with outside experts to make sure your special belongings are treated with the proper method. The packing company will then make sure that there is an expert at the other end of your move that can then properly unpack the special items and return them to their pre-move condition.

Tip #3: Devise a packing plan

Schedule a walk-through of your home with the packers for a week or so before the packing date. This way you can point out the rooms you want to be packed and device a plan that will work. For example, if there are rooms you want to pack yourself, they may want you to put a specific color tag on the doors to those rooms to alert them. You also may need to work out a system so they know what items within a room to leave alone. Often, this as simple as using color-coded sticky notes. Don't want the contents of your desk packed? Then attach a sticky note in the color dictated by the packing plan.

Tip #4: Be present

Finally, arrange your schedule so that you are home to supervise on the day of packing. You don't want to be breathing over the packers shoulders or micromanaging the way they pack, but you do want to be there to answer questions and provide basic directions.

For more help, contact a packing service in your area.