Six Tips For Moving A Safe

If you are moving a safe to a new location, you need to do so safely. Safes are heavy, after all, and it can even be quite dangerous. Here are six tips for moving a safe:

  1. Know the Weight and Dimensions of the Safe: First, you want to know the weight and dimensions of the safe. If you don't know the weight, movers can judge based on the dimensions alone, just be sure that you are informed of what heavy items may be inside of the safe that could make it even heavier. This will ensure that you purchase the right tools that can handle it. 
  2. Get the Right Moving Tools: Once you know the weight and dimensions of your safe, you'll need to get a heavy duty dolly that can handle the extra weight of a safe. You also need moving straps to secure the safe to the dolly. Otherwise, the weight can easily tip. 
  3. Don't Move it Alone: Whether you utilize the help of professional movers or you have friends helping you, you definitely don't want to skip out on the help. Moving a safe requires a good amount of muscle and strength, and it can be difficult to manage it on your own. 
  4. Empty the Safe: If you can, you might want to empty the safe during the process of moving. Of course, this is only if it's not dangerous to do so. For example, if you don't have another safe way to store your gun, then it wouldn't be safe to unload the safe in this case. However, removing the items from the safe is just one way to lighten it a bit. 
  5. Dress Appropriately: Wearing comfortable clothes is a given when moving anything. However, it's even more important to consider wearing work gloves so that holding onto the safe doesn't cause injury to your hands easily. You also want to wear closed toe shoes for additional protection, as well. 
  6. Use Protective Coverings on the Floor: When you are moving the safe into and out of a space, you want to use protective floor coverings that prevent indentation in the floor from the weight of the safe. This also prevents dirt being tracked into the space from the wheels on the dolly and your shoes. 

With these tips in mind, you can move a safe safely without risking injury and other possible issues, such as risking the safety of the items that are stored inside. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.