Packing And Moving Fragile Items Safely

When you have to transport fragile items from one household to another, things can get pretty stressful, very quickly. Are you prepared to pack up all of those precious, delicate items? Here, you'll learn a few tips that can help you get the job done and have all of your breakables arrive at their destination in one piece.

Padding Material

Your fragile items will need to be wrapped in some sort of padding material. Do you use bubble wrap, tissue paper, newspaper, or what?

What you use depends on just how delicate the fragile item is. If it is a solid, item without small pieces that hang out – like a sword on a knight or an arrow on a Cupid, then, you can go straight for the bubble wrap. If the item has small pieces that stick out and will break off if they're wrapped directly, you'll need to use some tissue paper first. Wrap the item loosely with tissue paper, then newspaper, then a layer or two of bubble wrap.

More durable fragile items can be wrapped with just tissue paper and then a few layers of newspaper. You don't want the newspaper making direct contact with the item because the ink will transfer onto the item. The tissue paper will prevent this from happening.

Boxing Supplies

When you're boxing up a bunch of fragile items, you don't want to put them all in one box and move on. Instead, those delicate items should be boxed individually before being placed in a larger moving box. As you pack the smaller boxes, make sure that they are filled with tissue paper or packing peanuts so that the contents of the box cannot shift around while the box is being moved around.

Once the smaller boxes are packed up and ready to go, they can be placed inside the larger box. Be sure to fill any voids inside the larger box with newspaper so that the boxes don't shift around while it's being moved.

Hire Professionals

When an item is irreplaceable, valuable, or extremely sentimental, you'd do well to hire professionals that are well-practiced with moving fragile items. These are the professionals that will handle the contents of those boxes with care. Some of these companies may even offer a packing service to make sure that the fragile items are packed properly so that they aren't responsible for damages that occur because you didn't pack things up properly.

Talk with your local fragile item movers and learn more about how to go about moving your fragile items from one household to the other safely.