4 Distinct Services You Get From Full Service Moving Companies

When scouting for moving services, you're likely to focus on the transportation aspect alone. Although moving your belongings to the new home is your primary goal, you must think about contingency services that make moving successful. Hiring full-service moving companies provide you with a full menu of packing, loading, transport, furniture assembly, and unloading, among others.

Working with a full-service moving company allows you to take the backseat as they handle the heavy lifting. You only need to watch your checklist as they pack and load your stuff. Indeed, this is the best option for individuals who want to save energy due to various circumstances. If you want your move handled according to your schedule, a full moving service makes it happen. 

Here are some services you'll get from full-service moving companies.

Moving Materials And Supplies

Moving comes with anxiety and cranky moments. But you don't have to run around looking for moving supplies and materials. Full-service moving companies are your one-stop-shop outlet when you need packing boxes, tape, padding blankets, wrapping paper, or specialty item wraps. Even though some of your prized items come in big and odd shapes, the moving service provides protective materials for fragile items.

Furniture Disassembly

Disassembling furniture creates efficiency and provides more space during the move. If you're not an expert at dismantling your pieces, the personnel at the moving company can lend a hand. Heavy couches or cabinets are easy to move when taken apart. You must engage full-service moving companies that guarantee disassembly, packing, and reassembly at the new location.


Packing is a demanding process, even for the smallest household. Handling it on your own takes ages to complete. Indeed, you want your items packed and organized systematically, and a full-service mover understands that. These professionals pack your belongings quickly while observing the highest safety levels. They handle your artwork, antique furniture, pianos, chandeliers, and flat-screen TV with utmost care. What's more, they unpack your households on the other end and ensure everything goes to their rightful position.

Junk Removal

Moving leaves you with clutter and unwanted items. You don't want to leave behind junk in your former home, and it's awkward to forward the same to the new abode. Luckily, full-service moving companies clear the clutter in your basement, backyard, and garage. They know how and where to dispose of the trash. In addition, these movers take care of the moving boxes, and they help you donate items like clothes and households to charity.