Renting A Dumpster Before A Move: Tips To Remember

From the basement and the garage to the shed and the attic, every home accumulates a lot of undesirables that really have no use. However, most homeowners don't realize just how many undesirables they have in their home until it comes time to move. You may be amazed by the volume of stuff you have that will no longer serve a purpose enough to warrant being packed along with you for a move.

Packing And Moving Fragile Items Safely

When you have to transport fragile items from one household to another, things can get pretty stressful, very quickly. Are you prepared to pack up all of those precious, delicate items? Here, you'll learn a few tips that can help you get the job done and have all of your breakables arrive at their destination in one piece. Padding Material Your fragile items will need to be wrapped in some sort of padding material.

Six Tips For Moving A Safe

If you are moving a safe to a new location, you need to do so safely. Safes are heavy, after all, and it can even be quite dangerous. Here are six tips for moving a safe: Know the Weight and Dimensions of the Safe: First, you want to know the weight and dimensions of the safe. If you don't know the weight, movers can judge based on the dimensions alone, just be sure that you are informed of what heavy items may be inside of the safe that could make it even heavier.

Tips For Using A Packing Service

The work of a move can be lightened considerably by taking advantage of a packing service. They will handle the details of packing your belongings, and even better, they have the skills and tools to ensure everything is packed safely so they survive the move unscathed. The following tips can help you prepare for the arrival of your professional packers: Tip #1: Declutter in advance Professional packers will literally pack everything, which can be both a good and a bad thing.

A Guide To Storing Valuable Items

Valuables, such as jewelry, artwork, fur coats, and electronics are items that not only have sentimental value but also monetary value. Figuring out where and how to store your expensive items can literally save you hundreds of dollars. Preventing Moisture You know those silica packets that come with your shoes? Don't throw them away. In fact, when storing your items, be sure to place that packet with your valuables. According toEncyclopedia Britannica, the silica acts as a dehydrator, absorbing all the gases and any moisture.